Thailand 2012 Calendar

Mar 13

Thailand 2012 Calendar

The Thailand 2012 Calendar is full of a variety of different events. Some are religious based, some are based on the constitutional royalty, and some are just for the people.

The first holiday in Thailand is the Gregorian calendar New Year’s Day. This day takes place on January 1, just like in many western nations. The second Saturday in January is the day that the Thai celebrate National Children’s Day, which is celebrated by governmental agencies who arrange several activities for children. National Forest Conservation Day is observed on January 14 and two days later on January 16, Teachers’ Day is observed. On January 18, Elephant Duel Day is observed, commemorating an elephant duel against the Burmese Uparaja. Also on January 18, the Royal Thai Armed Forces Day is recognized.

Other Important Days in Thailand 2012 Calendar

On the third Thai lunar month (February), the Buddhist observance of Magha Puja occurs. This day celebrates Buddha’s teaching of Ovada Patimokkha. February also sees observances of Inventor’s Day, Veteran’s Day, and National Artist’s Day.

March brings International Women’s Day on the 8th and King Nangklao Memorial Day on the 31st (Thailand 2012 Calendar)

April brings the most exciting celebration. April 1st is Civil Service Day and April 6 is Chakri Memorial Day. But, the most exciting celebration is April 13-15 when Thailand’s New Year Celebration occurs. It is also known as Songkran, when people return to visit family and have the water throwing parades.  April 2 celebrates Thai Heritage Conservation Day and April 30 is Consumer Protection Day.

On May 5, Thailand celebrates Coronation Day. May 1st is National Labour Day, which is observed by most people working in the private industries.  May also brings Royal Ploughing Ceremony, but the date changes each year. Vesak is also celebrated on the sixth lunar moon, usually in May.  This holiday celebrates the enlightenment of Buddha.

In June, Thai people take it easy and only celebrate Sunthorn Phu Day.

July gets a bit busier with National Thai Language Day on the 29th and the beginning of Vassa on the first waning moon in the eighth Thai lunar month (Thailand 2012 Calendar).

During August, the Queen’s birthday is celebrated on the 12th. National Science Day is celebrated on the 18th.

September brings National Youth Day on the 20th day of the month and Mahidol Day on the 24th.

King Chulalongkorn’s death is commemorated on October 23. The police and nurses are celebrated on the 13th and 21st of October.

In November, Thai people commemorate King Vajirvudh’s death on the 25th. (Thailand 2012 Calendar)

December gets a bit busier. The king’s birthday is on December 5th. Constitution Day is on December 10. Four other national observances are Damrong Rajanubhab Day’s on the 1st, Thai

Environment Day on December 4th, National Sports Day on December 16th, and King Taksin Memorial Day on December 28th. The final celebration of the Thailand 2012 calendar is New Year’s Eve, which takes place on December 31st, just like many western countries.

The Thailand 2012 Calendar is full of celebrations, observances, festivals, religious days, and commemorative anniversaries.

Thailand 2012 Calendar

Thailand 2012 Calendar

Thailand 2012 Calendar

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